Scripted Comms

Digital services for charities, non-profits and small businesses

Social Media

Whether it’s full management of your social media accounts, setting up a presence from scratch or handling engagement, get in touch to see how I can support and build your brand online and help you communicate effectively with your service users/ clients/ customers.


​Website copy (creation or refresh), editorials, press releases, enewsletters, blogs etc. – all styled in your brand’s tone of voice.

Drop me a line to enquire about any copywriting job, big or small.

Project Management

No time, resource or experience to create a new web or e-commerce site? Need a specific fundraising campaign delivered? Launching a new start up and spending all your time finalising the product and need help marketing it? Contact me today to see how I can support.

Other Services

Facebook Ads
Did you know 71% of UK adults can be reached with Facebook Ads? And that average organic reach is just 5% of page fans? Facebook ads are ideal for nearly all type of business owners/non-profits regardless of budget, so if you’re not using them you’re missing out on highly targeted but affordable and effective advertising.

In-house design
I can build simple web and e-commerce sites in-house if you’re on a tight budget, with a thorough upfront consultation to minimise design time. Or create a suite of graphics/images for your social platforms.

​I hate typos!

If there’s something you think I might be able to help with that I’ve not mentioned, just get in touch. I may have hidden talents I’ve been keeping from you!

Above all, I promise a friendly, professional and trustworthy collaboration. Because life’s too short to waste time on being anything else.

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